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Curling smart broom V2

07-12-2022 3 min read Video


Introducing the latest version of the smart curling broom. The new version includes:

  • a printed circuit board (PCB)
  • broom software
  • an enclosure and mounting bracket
  • software to analyze the data

At the bottom of the post are all the files needed to recreate the smart broom yourself.


Last year I created the first prototype for a smart broom to analyze sweeping in curling. The project in this time frame occasionally advanced. I created the printed circuit board (PCB) and had it assembled in order to use small components and take up as little space as possible.

I also created a 3D-printed container to drastically reduce the weight, yes because the first remark everyone made to me with the prototype was, “It weighs a lot.”

The development focused mainly on:

  1. weight reduction
  2. reducing production costs
  3. simpler results management

The weight and costs were analyzed in detail in the design of the hardware. Then while waiting for the delivery I focused on the software.

The latest iteration of the broom is significantly lighter than the prototype, and the data analyses have improved. I am now able to individually read the weight values of the 2 cells and generate specific analyses. I also read the acceleration and angle of the broom. All these parameters are sent to the web app, which can best interpret them as needed.


  • V0: first prototype built from material found around my house. It works and confirms that the initial idea is feasible, but it is extremely heavy.
  • V1: first iteration of the printed circuit board (PCB, blue color) and test PCB assembly service. The measurement hardware part works, but not the power supply. Also, I only put an accelerometer (no gyroscope).
  • V2: second version of the PCB (red color) and first attempt to 3D print a case. Improve the analysis software. The PCB works, there are only small errors. While the 3D printing surprised me in quality, but there are aspects to improve (in design).
  • V3 (yet to be done): correct minor imperfections in the V2 PCB and update the 3D printed container. Integrate measurement into the app to train sweeping.


This project allowed me to cover the various aspects of creating a product, from the first idea to " commercialization". It was also nice to create a PCB (and have it assembled) and a 3D printed case.

I was able to reduce the weight from more than 300 grams to less than 100 grams. The price can range from 50.- to 150.- CHF all inclusive (PCB, weight measurement cells, battery and case), the low cost version does not contain all functions (no independent weight reading). The curling broom is not included in the cost calculation.

I would be extremely happy if my work is used (and improved) by the various curlers around the world.


Below you can find everything you need to create or even improve the project.


Web app