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Secondary home management experience with Home Assistant

22-07-2022 4 min read Article
TL;DR Taking advantage of the unofficial integration I connect two instances of Home Assistant to each other. Thanks to the Wireguard addons I am able to avoid the fact that the 4G modem does not have a public IP address. Intro Due to the 2G shutdown in Switzerland, I had to change the heating management system of the second house in the mountains. After some attempts for more than a year a working and resilient solution has been in operation. Continue reading

Watch camera from secondary home in Home Assistant

20-10-2021 2 min read Article
I wrote a post not long time ago about managing my secondary home with Home Assistant. Thanks to component the magic is possible, but an HA update has complicated things a bit. A few days ago there was the problem that the component could no longer connect with remote instances and since always (for me) it is not possible to view remote rooms. Remote instances connection problem The first case can be solved by updating the component to the latest version (> 3. Continue reading

Secondary home management with Home Assistant

22-08-2021 3 min read Article
When you get caught up in smart homes you can’t stop and want to automate everything. I started with the second home in the mountains and then got caught up. In this post I want to collect my experiences in managing the second home, specifically with Home Assistant. The big problem is that the LTE router doesn’t have a public IP address and I have to leverage a VPN to access the second home’s network from the outside. Continue reading