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Automatically update site created with Hugo

01-10-2021 3 min read Article
CMS’s like WordPress or Joomla are convenient, but they need constant updates, as regularly there are quite urgent security updates. That’s also why a year ago I went back to a static site, to be precise using Hugo. So I worry about creating the content and when I load new pages I don’t have to think what’s on the server anymore. The disadvantage of this system is the need to have a computer to generate the site again and then upload everything on the server. Continue reading

Back to the Future? Or to the past?

05-06-2020 4 min read Article
I’m not much of a site developer and I have no problem admitting that. I just like having a space where I can “crawl” and share what I do. A website doesn’t create itself and when you get down to it, the problems increase exponentially. You can create it based on freely available platforms (where of course you are the product because they have to make money) like WordPress, Blogger and many others. Continue reading