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Enable HTTP/3 in traefik v3

22-05-2024 3 min read Article
The recent major release v3 of Traefik, brought new features or concretized some. Such as certificates via Tailscale and HTTP3. In this short guide, I want to present an example of configuration to use HTTP3 in Traefik. The change is not drastic, because the functionality already existed as experimental in the old version. Requirements Linux machine with docker and compose (otherwise you wouldn’t be here) a domain with which a valid TLS certificate (HTTPS) can be obtained. Continue reading

Activate HTTP/3 in traefik

28-07-2022 2 min read Article
Note This guide is based on traefik 2, for the new version look at this post. Do you want to make your site accessible faster? Then you need to try the new version of the HTTP protocol or rather its version number 3 or also called HTTP/3. the most common browsers already support this protocol and many already take advantage of it without realizing they are using it. According to a report by Cloudflare 30% of Internet traffic already exploits this capability. Continue reading