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Wake-on-LAN from Guacamole in docker

24-07-2022 3 min read article
The Guacamole service allows a “Wake on LAN” (WOL) packet to be launched before connecting to the machine with VNC or RDP. Unfortunately, by Docker’s default setting, networks configured as bridge do not allow broadcast packets (even if directed to a specific subnet) to be sent out. This prevents the use of WOL and Guacamole. There remains the option of configuring the guacd container on the host network, but this solution has security issues. Continue reading

Install Guacamole on Docker with Traefik and 2FA

13-07-2021 3 min read article
Note I finally found how to get Wake on LAN working from Guacamole in docker, check out this guide. Remotely accessing an SSH terminal or graphics session with VNC/RDP can be very useful. Particularly if you have a lot of devices and if you regularly change your workstation. Guacamole is one of the open source solutions on the market. Unfortunately there is not a single docker container to install and it’s not easy to find a complete guide for installation from start to finish. Continue reading