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Traefik 2.x examples

09-06-2020 2 min read article
TLTR On GitHub you can find a repository with some examples of traefik (version 2.x) configuration. You find the docker-compose and the guide on how to use this. Feel free to report the issue if something is not working. Intro I have no trouble saying that I am a bad developer (no problem is not my work). In my home network, I play with some systems. For 2-3 years I experiment with docker and my container number it’s growing every month. Continue reading

Curling stopwatch DIY

20-08-2017 3 min read article
This is my second version of the curling training stopwatch. The major improvements in comparison to the older version are: better power management, stable software and new control function. The new system has two photocells, where the master of the system is the stop one. The start photocell is a slave, like the other module. There are two ways to show the information from the system: first one with a smartphone connected via Bluetooth to the Stop photocell. Continue reading