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Wake-on-LAN from Guacamole in docker

24-07-2022 3 min read Article
The Guacamole service allows a “Wake on LAN” (WOL) packet to be launched before connecting to the machine with VNC or RDP. Unfortunately, by Docker’s default setting, networks configured as bridge do not allow broadcast packets (even if directed to a specific subnet) to be sent out. This prevents the use of WOL and Guacamole. There remains the option of configuring the guacd container on the host network, but this solution has security issues. Continue reading

Cloudflare origin certificates in Traefik

23-07-2022 3 min read Article
Using Cloudflare as a DNS provider for your domains, you can take advantage of its SSL certificates to secure your websites. So you don’t have to struggle with Traefik and Let’s Encrypt to generate your own certificates. This guide is also useful if you use the free domains described in this post, because Cloudflare blocks the creation of certificates via Let’s Encrypt. Concept Cloudflare creates a dedicated certificate that allows the server to communicate only with Cloudflare’s servers. Continue reading

Multiple domains for the same container with Traefik

23-07-2022 1 min read Article
This example shows how you can configure several domains to access the same docker container by using Traefik. In this example I want to connect the domains and to the same docker container. All necessary files are available on GitHub. Requirements Two domain names that both point to the Traefik instance (in this example I use and For both domains the SSL certificate is generated by Let’s Encrypt Traefik is already working (see basic example) Steps Aggiungere o modificare il docker-compose dei container interessati whoami: image: containous/whoami container_name: whoami labels: - 'traefik. Continue reading

Secondary home management experience with Home Assistant

22-07-2022 4 min read Article
TL;DR Taking advantage of the unofficial integration I connect two instances of Home Assistant to each other. Thanks to the Wireguard addons I am able to avoid the fact that the 4G modem does not have a public IP address. Intro Due to the 2G shutdown in Switzerland, I had to change the heating management system of the second house in the mountains. After some attempts for more than a year a working and resilient solution has been in operation. Continue reading

Free domain for home projects

02-06-2022 2 min read Article
Warning There are problems with the Freenom registry, which no longer has the concession for .ga domains and may lose others as well. See also article Imagine when you type your domain name into the browser and your smart home system (Home Assistant) appears, or your site hosted on your Raspberry Pi at home. But how cool is that? Often, however, one has to make do with somewhat alternative solutions because one’s home IP address is not fixed. Continue reading

Sweeping effectiveness measurement

27-02-2022 4 min read Article
TL;DR Project to transform a curling broom into a measurement tool to evaluate effectiveness during sweeping in curling. An ESP32 measures the pressure exerted on two cells and an accelerometer measures the frequency of movement. The data is transmitted via BLE to a Bluetooth Web-enabled computer or smartphone. Intro Have you ever wondered how effective your sweeping is during a curling match? I have occasionally wondered that myself, particularly compared to the movement made by other players in the club. Continue reading

Uptime Kuma e ping su traefik

28-10-2021 2 min read Article
Intro Quando la propria rete casalinga inizia a crescere รจ comodo controllare i vari servizi/test attivi sulla rete. Uptime Kuma permette di avere un container Docker all-inclusive che permette di sorvegliare con vari metodi (ping, http(s), DNS) un sistema e di inviare notifiche in caso di problemi. Scopo installare Uptime Kuma in docker aggiungere la configurazione di traefik verificare che traefik funzioni correttamente Requisiti I passaggi seguenti richiedono il funzionamento su un host di docker, docker-compose e trafik con https. Continue reading
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