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Recover photos from corrupted micro SD

06-11-2023 3 min read Article
My daughter received as a gift a children’s camera (ITSHINY or other similar manufacturers) with which she tries her hand at many artistic shots (50 author blurbs). I do not want to do a review of the device, but I do want to tell you about the situation I found myself in when I wanted to download the last photographs I took. In fact, I connected the machine via USB cable to my computer and strangely no disk appeared to download the photos. Continue reading

Install Guacamole on Docker with Traefik, Postgres and 2FA

21-01-2023 3 min read Article
Note I finally found how to get Wake on LAN working from Guacamole in docker, check out this guide. Note If you want to install Guacamole with mySQL database check out this guide. Remotely accessing an SSH terminal or graphics session with VNC/RDP can be very useful. Particularly if you have a lot of devices and if you regularly change your workstation. Guacamole is one of the open source solutions on the market. Continue reading

Create your own online office with Nextcloud

23-09-2022 5 min read Article
TL;DR Nextcloud is the opensource solution that allows you to turn many devices into your own online storage solution (like Dropbox). But not only that because thanks to many apps you can expand functionality and create your own online office solution, such as Microsoft’s Office 365 or Google’s Drive. In this quick guide I have attempted to describe the steps to obtain a basic instance of Nextcloud and take advantage of ONLYOFFICE to be able to edit documents online. Continue reading

Activate HTTP/3 in traefik

28-07-2022 2 min read Article
Do you want to make your site accessible faster? Then you need to try the new version of the HTTP protocol or rather its version number 3 or also called HTTP/3. the most common browsers already support this protocol and many already take advantage of it without realizing they are using it. According to a report by Cloudflare 30% of Internet traffic already exploits this capability. What is new is the change of protocol for the transport layer from TCP to UDP (differences and the integration of TLS. Continue reading

Wake-on-LAN from Guacamole in docker

24-07-2022 3 min read Article
The Guacamole service allows a “Wake on LAN” (WOL) packet to be launched before connecting to the machine with VNC or RDP. Unfortunately, by Docker’s default setting, networks configured as bridge do not allow broadcast packets (even if directed to a specific subnet) to be sent out. This prevents the use of WOL and Guacamole. There remains the option of configuring the guacd container on the host network, but this solution has security issues. Continue reading

Cloudflare origin certificates in Traefik

23-07-2022 3 min read Article
Using Cloudflare as a DNS provider for your domains, you can take advantage of its SSL certificates to secure your websites. So you don’t have to struggle with Traefik and Let’s Encrypt to generate your own certificates. This guide is also useful if you use the free domains described in this post, because Cloudflare blocks the creation of certificates via Let’s Encrypt. Concept Cloudflare creates a dedicated certificate that allows the server to communicate only with Cloudflare’s servers. Continue reading

Multiple domains for the same container with Traefik

23-07-2022 1 min read Article
This example shows how you can configure several domains to access the same docker container by using Traefik. In this example I want to connect the domains and to the same docker container. All necessary files are available on GitHub. Requirements Two domain names that both point to the Traefik instance (in this example I use and For both domains the SSL certificate is generated by Let’s Encrypt Traefik is already working (see basic example) Steps Aggiungere o modificare il docker-compose dei container interessati whoami: image: containous/whoami container_name: whoami labels: - 'traefik. Continue reading
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